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10 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Returning to Fall Rehearsals

Yes, we do love getting back to singing after 2 months of being away from it, but it does come with a bag full of different emotions.

1. The realization that nights will now be devoted to learning music instead of binge watching your favorite Netflix show.

2. The moment when you’re reunited with your bffs

3. Realizing that you haven’t properly warmed up your voice all summer

4. When the music director wants to rehearse, but everyone has to catch up on what happened all summer

5. When someone suggests that rehearsal days and times be changed for this semester

6. When you have to relearn social functioning skills because you’ve been a hermit all summer

7. When the music director asks if everyone remembers their parts from last semester’s setlist

8. The first time everyone sings a complete song in tune after returning from summer

9. That first moment you utter “I can’t, I have rehearsal” with your non-aca friends

10. Knowing that all is right in the world once again now that you’re back with your favorite people