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2016 ICCA Finals: The Set That Gave Us Our First UK Champions

We're only 7 days away from the crowning of a new ICCA Champion.

And with half of this year's finalists making an appearance at the big event for the first time, we could be gearing up for a spectacular competition full of innovative sets never seen at the finals.

But as we're preparing for finals, it's always good to gauge what a great set looks like this. For this, we're taking a look back at last year's ICCA winners, The Techtonics. Not only is the group effectual storytellers, they make every performance entertaining to watch. 

Their 2016 set earned the group the distinction of being the very first UK Champions in competition history. CollegeAca got the chance to discuss what that whole experience meant to the group in this interview. 

See the group's 2016 ICCA award-winning set below. You can also see a more produced version of the set here.