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2017 A Cappella Video Award Winners

In the last few years, music videos in the a cappella have become a dominant force. So much so that some groups release videos on a monthly basis.

And while we love (no we really do - we blog on a daily basis about it) live videos of groups demonstrating the sheer force of raw vocals, well-produced, quality music videos are in. So, maybe a cappella is a little late to the game with music videos, but the videos being released today more than makeup for it.

And we as an aca-community are recognizing the efforts of those who fuse imagination and pristine vocals with video editing wizardry. Yes, we're talking about the 2017 A Cappella Video Awards organized by the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA).

This is a relatively new award for the vocal arts community, but definitely, one being held in high regard. From genre specific categories to an award for "Outstanding Special Effects" no detail is left out.

Read the full list of this year's winners here: 2017 A Cappella Video Award Winners