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2018 ICCA Great Lakes Quarterfinal At The University Of Wisconsin - January 27th

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An aca-showdown will take place in Wisconsin's capital tomorrow.

Ten competing groups, including last year's ICCA Finals' Runner-up, will meet at Shannon Hall in Madison, WI for one of multiple ICCA Great Lakes Quarterfinals.
Ten groups go in, only two will come come out victorious.

The competing groups are:

7Days A Cappella from the University of Minnesota
Alverno A Cappella from Alverno College
Iowa Hawkapellas from the University of Iowa
Pitches and Notes from the University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Enchantments from the University of Minnesota
The Naturals from Marquette University
Under A-Rest from the University of Wisconsin, Madison
Voices in Your Head from the University of Chicago
Parkside Range from the University of Wisconsin, Parkside
The Undertones from Northwestern University

For tickets and event details, visit here: 2018 ICCA Great Lakes Quarterfinal at The University Of Wisconsin