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2018 ICCA Northeast Quarterfinal #2 At Berklee College of Music - February 17th

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ICCA returns to Berklee College of Music tomorrow for another Northeast Quarterfinal as ten groups from the region battle it out for a spot at the Northeast Semifinal. See all of the competing groups as well as venue details below.

The competing groups are:

In Achord from Boston University
Mixed Emotions from Plymouth State University
Not Too Sharp from the University of North Hampshire
On The Vox from Berklee College of Music
PowerChords from Olin College of Engineering
The CharlieChords from Berklee College of Music
The Harvard Lowkeys from Harvard University
The Ramifications from Suffolk University
Treble on Huntington from Northeastern University
UNH Wildtones from the University of North Hampshire

For tickets and event details, visit here: 2018 ICCA Northeast Quarterfinal #2 at Berklee College of Music