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2019 ICCA Competitor Lineup Announced

Christmas has come early!

Varsity Vocals has officially dropped the lineup of groups competing in this coming ICCA season, and fans everywhere should be rejoicing at the talent that will be on display.

Each year, the show gets a little bigger, a bit more competitive and as always, sure to be filled with excitement.
The 23rd ICCA season will feature more than 6,000 performers, comprising more than 400 groups, representing more than 230 colleges and universities.

Unfortunately, the UK lineup has yet to be announced.

For details on exact locations and dates, see Varsity Vocal's official release here.

In the meantime, we present to you this year's competitors.

Central Region

A Sharp Arrangement | SUNY Potsdam
Partial Credit A Cappella | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Pitch Please | University at Albany
Potsdam Pointercounts | SUNY Potsdam
Serendipity | University at Albany
Stay Tuned | SUNY Potsdam
The Golden Notes | The College of Saint Rose
The Potsdam Pitches | SUNY Potsdam
The Rusty Pipes | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Understaffed | Clarkson University
Hooked on Tonics | SUNY Oneonta
ICVoicestream | Ithaca College
Ithacappella | Ithaca College
Otto Tunes | Syracuse University
Pitch Slapped | SUNY Oneonta
Premium Blend | Ithaca College
The Class Notes | Cornell University
The Harpur Harpeggios | Binghamton University
The Originals | Carnegie Mellon University
Tributones | Monroe Community College
C Flat Run | University of Pittsburgh
C# Singers | Carnegie Mellon University
Counterpoint | Carnegie Mellon University
Mic Drop A Cappella | Duquesne University
Pitches & Tones | University of Pittsburgh
Pittch Please | University of Pittsburgh
The Coda Conduct | The Pennsylvania State University
The Pitt Pendulums | University of Pittsburgh
The Songburghs | University of Pittsburgh
Treblemakers | Carnegie Mellon University
Equivox | Western University
In Full Colour | University of Waterloo
Macappella | McMaster University
Ryenamics | Ryerson University
Surround Sound | University of Toronto
The AcaBellas | The University of Waterloo
The Musical InterDudes | University of Waterloo
The Unaccompanied Minors | University of Waterloo
The Water Boys | University of Waterloo
WIBI A Cappella | York University
After Hours | University of Rochester
Call4Backup | Nazareth College
CrescenDON’Ts | Canisius College
Exit 8 | SUNY Geneseo
RIT Eight Beat Measure | Rochester Institute of Technology
RIT Encore | Rochester Institute of Technology
Skidmore Dynamics | Skidmore College
Trebellious | University of Rochester
Trillers A Cappella | Queen’s University
Vocal Point | University of Rochester

Great Lakes Region

Counterpoint Acapella | Loyola University Chicago
Downtown Voices | University of Illinois at Chicago
Identity Crisis | Lawrence University
ISU Acafellaz | Illinois State University
Rhythm and Jews | University of Chicago
Run for Cover | University of Chicago
The Harmelodics | Northern Illinois University
The Naturals | Marquette University
The Ransom Notes | University of Chicago
The Undertones | University of Notre Dame
Amazin’ Blue | University of Michigan
Central Harmony | Central Michigan University
Compulsive Lyres | University of Michigan
DJs A Cappella | University of Michigan
Melodytroit | Wayne State University
The Echoes | University of Notre Dame
The Expressions | Macomb Community College
The G-Men | University of Michigan
The Harmonettes | University of Michigan
The Sopranos | University of Michigan
Fish N Chips | Central Michigan University
Gold Vibrations | Oakland University
Midnight Snack | Grand Valley State University
MSU Accafellas | Michigan State University
No Strings Attached | Western Michigan University
On the Rox a Cappella | Central Michigan University
RCAHppella | Michigan State University
State of Fifths | Michigan State University
Vocaholics at WMU | Western Michigan University
Voices in Your Head | University of Chicago

Fundamentally Sound | University of Wisconsin – Madison
ISU Clef Hangers | Illinois State University
NIU Huskie Hunks | Northern Illinois University
No Strings Attached | University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
On The Brink of Normal | Illinois State University
Secondary Dominance | Illinois State University
Silence Interrupted | Illinois Wesleyan University
The Illinois Rip Chords | University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
The Iowa Hawkapellas | University of Iowa
Touch of Class | Illinois Wesleyan University
7Days A Cappella | University of Minnesota
Basses Wild Men’s A Cappella | University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Nova | Alverno College
Perfectly Authentic | Carthage College
Pitches and Notes | University of Wisconsin – Madison
The Carthachords | Carthage College
The Enchantments | University of Minnesota
Treblemakers | Northwestern University
Under A-Rest A Cappella | University of Wisconsin – Madison
Vocal U A Cappella | University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Mid-Atlantic Region

Georgetown Superfood | Georgetown University
Mason Some Noise | George Mason University
Note-oriety | James Madison University
Patriot Pitches | George Mason University
Redline A Cappella | The Catholic University of America
The GW Pitches | The George Washington University
The GW Vibes | The George Washington University
The Madison Project | James Madison University
The One Note Stand | University of Mary Washington
Xenharmonics | Frostburg State University
Cleftomaniacs | University of Maryland, Baltimore County
DaCadence | University of Maryland
Faux Paz | University of Maryland
InterChorus | St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Mama’s Boys | University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Music Dynasty | The Johns Hopkins University
Notes of Ranvier | Johns Hopkins University
Squawkappella | Salisbury University
The Allnighters | Johns Hopkins University
The Vocal Chords | Johns Hopkins University
Chorduroys | Lafayette College
Deep Treble | Rutgers University
RoVo | Rowan University
Rutgers RAAG | Rutgers University
The Deaftones | Westminster Choir College
The OrphanSporks | Rutgers University
The Trentones | The College of New Jersey
The Trills | Towson University
Tiger Tones | Towson University
Til’ Further Notes | Rider University
Chromatic Expansion | Millersville University
Echoes | Lehigh University
High Street Harmonix | West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Melica | Elizabethtown College
MelUDees | University of Delaware
Off the Record | Lehigh University
Soulfege | Lafayette College
The Lehigh Melismatics | Lehigh University
Under A Rest | West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Vocalign | Elizabethtown College
8 to the Bar | Drexel University
LiaChorus | Temple University
OwlCappella | Temple University
Pitch, Please | Temple University
Profecy A Cappella | Rowan University
Singchronize | Temple University
Stockapella | Stockton University
The Drexel Cleftomaniacs | Drexel University
TrebleMakers | Drexel University
Villanova Supernovas | Villanova University

Midwest Region

Buck That! | The Ohio State University
Dhamakapella | Case Western Reserve University
Flash Harmony | Kent State University
Kent Clarks Acappella | Kent State University
Majors & minors | The Ohio State University
Rhythm & Roos | The University of Akron
Scarlet and Grace Notes | The Ohio State University
Sound of Science | The Ohio State University
The Ohio State of Mind | The Ohio State University
Vocal Intensity | Kent State University
After Dark | Washington University in St. Louis
Astha A Cappella | Saint Louis University
Beyond All Reason | Saint Louis University
Decadence A Cappella | Saint Louis University
Dissonance | Millikin University
Harmon-E | Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Six Eight A Cappella | Saint Louis University
The Bare Naked Statues | Saint Louis University
The Ritardandos (TRD) | Millikin University
The Stereotypes | Washington University in St. Louis
A Cub Bella | Missouri State University
Minor Detail | Truman State University
Mizzou Forte | University of Missouri
RainbowTones | University of Central Missouri
Sweet Nothings | Truman State University
The Amateurs | Washington University in St. Louis
The Beartones | Missouri State University
the Hibernotes | Missouri State University
The Naturelles | University of Missouri
True Men | Truman State University
AcousChicks | Bowling Green State University
Ladies’ Choice A cappella | Ball State University
Note to Self | Ball State University
On A Side Note | Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
REEDefined | Ohio State University at Lima
Sedoctave | Ball State University
Ten40 Acappella | Bowling Green State University
The Parallels | Ball State University
Tonal Eclipse A Cappella | Bowling Green State University
Unexpected Resolution | Ball State University
Audio Pilots | University of Dayton
Avocalypse | University of Cincinnati
Miami Unviersity TrebleMakers | Miami University
Ottertuned | Otterbein University
Pitch Black | Ohio Wesleyan University
Remedy | University of Dayton
SŌL | Baldwin Wallace University
The Ransom Notes | Kenyon College
UC Vocaholics | University of Cincinnati
Underscore A Cappella | University of Dayton

Northeast Region

Chordially Yours | Boston University
Harvard Opportunes | Harvard University
The Downbeats | Northeastern University
The Harvard Callbacks | Harvard University
The Maine Steiners | The University of Maine
Tonal Recall | Colleges of the Fenway
Treble on Huntington | Northeastern University
Treble Threat | Berklee College of Music
UMaine Renaissance | The University of Maine
Distilled Harmony | Northeastern University
For Good Measure | Emmanuel College
Off the Clock | Bentley University
On The Vox | Berklee College of Music
Pitch, Please! | Northeastern University
PowerChords | Olin College
Syncopasian | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The CharlieChords | Berklee College of Music
The Chorallaries of MIT | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones | Harvard College
FREQUENCY | Pace University
Macaulay Triplets | Macaulay Honors College
SHARP | Columbia University
The Cleftomaniacs | New York University
The F Sharps | Fordham University
The Mixtapes | New York University
The NYU N’Harmonics | New York University
The Procrastinotes | New York University
The Vocaholics | New York University
Tonal Recall | Pace University
A Minor | University of Connecticut
Alabaster Blue | University of New Hampshire
L’shir | University of Hartford
Purposeful Dissonance | Champlain College
Rocket Pitches | Babson College
The Audiophiles | Worcester Polytechnic Institute
The Bottom Line | Bryant University
The Legends | Quinnipiac University
Triple Major | Wesleyan University
UHarmonies | University of Hartford
Acamonics | William Paterson University
Fordham Satin Dolls | Fordham University
Hot Notes | Fordham University
iTones | Queens College
Makin’ Treble | Hofstra University
Sigma’cappella | Hofstra University
Stony Brook High C’s | Stony Brook University
The Hofbeats | Hofstra University
Tizmoret | Queens College

South Region

Enharmonix A Cappella | Appalachian State University
Greyscale | East Tennessee State University
Juxtaposition | Virginia Tech
Pitchmen | Belmont University
Prismatics | Belmont University
Standing Ovation | Pfeiffer University
The Beltones | Belmont University
The Volatiles | The University of Tennessee
UT Singers | University of Tennessee
VOLT | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Extreme Measures | Christopher Newport University
Grains of Time | North Carolina State University
No Ceiling | William & Mary
Seabelles | University of North Carolina Wilmington
Tar Heel Voices | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Ladies in Red | North Carolina State University
The Loreleis | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Ramifications | Virginia Commonwealth University
UNC Walk-Ons | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Wolfgang A Cappella | North Carolina State University
Aural Pleasure | Emory University
Dooley Noted | Emory University
Harmonic Notion | Vanderbilt University
Infinite Harmony | Georgia Institute of Technology
Melanated A Cappella | Vanderbilt University
The Accidentals | University of Georgia
The Finer Niners | University of North Carolina at Charlotte
UGA Ecotones | University of Georgia
UGA Noteworthy | University of Georgia
Vandy Taal | Vanderbilt University
Clemson’s Dynamic Harmonium | Clemson University
Gestalt | University of Florida
No Southern Accent | University of Florida
ReVOLution | University of Tennessee
The Acaphiliacs | Florida State University
The Carolina Gentlemen | University of South Carolina
The Sedoctaves | University of Florida
The Sirens | University of Florida
VOLume | University of Tennessee
Vox Acapella | Florida State University
BisCaydence | University of Miami
Ensembull | University of South Florida
Gemini Blvd. | University of Central Florida
HEARTbeats A Capella | Florida international University
Mixed Mode | University of Central Florida
Phoenyx | University of Miami
So Noted | University of Central Florida
Tampa Tones | University of Tampa
The Crescendudes | University of Central Florida
Tones of Gold | University of South Florida

Southwest Region

Amplfied A Cappella | University of Arizona
CatCall A Cappella | University of Arizona
Dolce Acappella | University of Arizona
Enharmonics A Cappella | University of Arizona
Law Cappella | Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
Noteriety | University of Arizona
Priority Male | Arizona State University
The Devil Clefs | Arizona State University
The Pitchforks | Arizona State University
The Tempetations | Arizona State University
ACM Pitches | ACM@UCO
Boots & Cats | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cadence A Cappella | Kansas State University
Crimson and Blues | University of Kansas
Genuine Imitation | University of Kansas
Pitch Please | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Rocktavo | University of Nebraska Lincoln
Shockappella | Wichita State University
The Creightones | Creighton University
The High Howlers | The University of South Dakota
The Red Keys | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Beyond Measure | BYU
Elevation | Northern Arizona University
First Edition | University of Denver
In The Stairwell | United States Air Force Academy
LEGACY | Various
Rifftide | BYU
The Axecidentals | Northern Arizona University
The Highlanders | Northern Arizona University
Beauties and the Beat | The University of Texas at Austin
Fuse A Cappella | The University of Texas at Austin
Green Tones | University of North Texas
HardChord DynaMix | Texas A&M University
Here Comes Treble | Texas Christian University
OneSound | Collin College
TechTones A Cappella | Texas Tech University
The Echoes A Cappella | Texas State University
The Horned Tones | Texas Christian University
The Texas Songhorns | The University of Texas at Austin
THEM a cappella | Tulane University
Acamazing | University of California, San Diego
Daughters of Triton | University of California San Diego
Frequency | University of California, San Diego
Men of Harmony | Chapman University
Queercappella | Chapman University
Simply Vocale | Chapman University
SoundCheck | Chapman University
The ChapTones | Chapman University
Uniting Voices | University of California, Irvine
Vermillion Vocalists | University of California, Irvine

West Region

Bing Bing Theory | Gonzaga University
Blue Light Special | Linn-Benton Community College
Divine | Oregon State University
Dulcet A Cappella | Southern Oregon University
Headband | Willamette University
Hilltop Harmony | Corban University
Mind the Gap | University of Oregon
Outspoken | Oregon State University
Power Chord | Oregon State University
The Green Note | Portland State University
Acasola | California State University Northridge
Bruin Harmony | University of California, Los Angeles
Mood Swing A Cappella | Claremont Colleges
Naked Voices | University of California, Santa Barbara
Not So Sharp A Cappella | University of California, Riverside
Pitch, Please! | University of California, Los Angeles
Resonance | University of California, Los Angeles
ScatterTones | University of California, Los Angeles
The Claremont Shades | Claremont Colleges
Vocal Percussion Radio (VPR) | California State University Northridge
Artists in Resonance | University of California: Berkeley
Cloud 9 A Cappella | University of California, Santa Cruz
DeCadence A Cappella | University of California, Berkeley
Fortefied | Diablo Valley College
So Noted | Diablo Valley College
The Afterglow | University of California Davis
The Spartones | San Jose State University
The Spokes | University of California Davis
The Stanford Mendicants | Stanford University
Camisada | Central Washington University
Eh? Cappella | University of British Columbia
Furmata | University of Washington
Pacific Note West | Western Washington University
PLUtonic | Pacific Lutheran University
Rhapsody A Cappella | Montana State University
The Northwest Collective | University of British Columbia
The Trill Seekers | University of British Columbia Okanagan
Trebled Acaholics | University of British Columbia Okanagan
Underground Sound A Cappella | University of Puget Sound
Acquire A Cappella | University of California, Santa Cruz
Asli Baat | University of Southern California
Dil Se | University of California, Berkeley
Dynamix | Moorpark College
Fermata Nowhere | Mt San Antonio College
Lounge Lizards A Cappella | University of California, Davis
Spartan Stellas | San Jose State University
The Liquid Hotplates | University of California, Davis
UC Men’s Octet | University of California, Berkeley