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5 Great Examples Of Promoting Your Fall A Cappella Auditions

With summer break nearing its end, it's time to break out the calendars, organizers, and pitch pipes, because Fall auditions are nearly upon us.

That's right, in less than a month, many college a cappella groups will be auditioning the newest batch of prospects in hopes of finding the right talent who will make up the next generation of a cappella superstars.

While organizing and running auditions are a pivotal aspect of finding the right pool of singers, there's an equally important element that all college a cappella groups shouldn't overlook. The promotional video alerting prospects of your auditions.

These videos are a great asset in not only pitching your group to incoming and current students, but they can also share valuable details about the audition process and give auditionees a glimpse of the group's personality.
This is also a great opportunity to begin flexing your group's creative muscles for future campaigns such as promoting new music, planning your semester show, or constantly engaging your fanbase.

And if your group hasn't begun planning for Fall auditions, now is the time to get to work.

Lucky for you, we've compiled some great examples of audition videos in the list below. From skits, to utilizing recorded tracks, there's plenty to draw inspiration from.

Creating a skit - Tar Heel Voices

Incorporating a studio track - The Acaphiliacs

Designing an eye catching graphic - No Southern Accent

Hype video - Mason Some Noise

Promoting Group Accomplishments - BisCaydence