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5 Incredible Performances to Celebrate International Women's Day

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Today, we celebrate the power, essence, achievements of women.

March 8th marks the worldwide holiday of International Women's Day. We reflect on the social, economic and cultural offerings women bring to the world on a regular basis. One area that we'd be remiss to include is art. The power of the female voice is an unstoppable force that has the ability to shake the strongest foundation.

For these reasons and many more, we're celebrating the women of the collegiate a cappella community and the performances that are as big as this holiday. Check out five of our favorite performances that celebrate the power of women everywhere.

"Midnight" - UMD Faux Paz

"Wonder Woman" - MSU Ladies First

"I Found/Freedom" - UCF Key Harmony

"Pray" - Tufts Amalgamates

"Teardrop" - KCL Rolling Tones