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5 Ways That Groups Can Execute A Great Audition Process

With auditions drawing closer and closer with each week, it's important for you to be as prepared as possible.


Last week, we discussed 7 tips to help those about to embark on the audition process. What's just as important as acing your next audition is running an audition as smoothly as possible. This week, we're providing you with 5 ways that groups can execute a great audition process that keeps tension low between current members, and leave newbies walking away with an overall positive experience.

1. Know what you're looking for or what your group needs

This may just be one of the most crucial elements to putting on a seamless audition process. Knowing what voice parts your group needs or wants can be a big help in reducing or preventing heated discussions later on.
Before audition day even arrives, it's important to get everyone on the same page by simply discussing what your group is missing and needs to be on the lookout for. By doing this, you give 100% focus to the process, instead of being derailed by fancy riffs and cute smiles. Decide on what your group needs to be successful, then stick to it.

2. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

I cannot stress this point enough. Oftentimes, college groups miss out on some of the best singers on-campus simply because no one knew auditions were even happening. It's not enough to assume that the 5 shares of your Facebook event or a flyer in the Student Activities Office is enough to do the trick. You're a vocalist...get out there and use your voice. Attend any meetings where students are gathering from Greek organizational gatherings to Student Government Association meetings (if they're public), and everything in between. It may be a good idea to also have 1-2 song performances on-campus in high traffic areas. Do whatever you can to let everyone know that your group is looking for talent.

3. Use your alumnus for support

Unless you're a brand new group starting out, resources and manpower should not be a concern. While it's often a sad moment when members graduate from the group, you now have a never-ending support system of people who have been where you currently are. And you're missing out majorly if you are not using these valuable assets. Whether it means herding sheep in the waiting room, handing out forms, or simply greeting auditioners...use your alumnus. But don't stop here. Alumnus make the best advisors on how best to run the audition process, and may even have info on audition space if your venue fell through. Of course, leave final decisions on who to admit to current members, but don't be afraid to use the people who want to see the group succeed as much as you do.

4. Take notes on everything

When it comes to actually being in the moment of auditioning new talent, you'd be surprised at how much of the little things you overlooked. I'm serious. In 4 years of auditioning new voices for my school's group, the only things I can truly recall or the really bad auditions and the auditions that were out of this world. That being said, a lot of your group will be made up of everything in the middle. For this reason, it's important for the ENTIRE group, not just the president and music director to take notes on everyone. From someone's ability to blend and match notes, all the way down to personality's all important. If possible, record your auditions on camera. You may not think much of it now, but these little details can be the deciding factor when you've been discussing two potential candidates for the last 3 hours on a Wednesday night.

5. Make the end result a fun experience for your new members

After all is said and done, chances are that your group and auditionees will be burnt out. Either from the late night discussions, the stress of waiting days to hear if you did enough to earn a spot in the group, or a million other reasons that only come from the audition process. To the lucky few who will now join your ranks, MAKE IT MEMORABLE! Surprise them at their dorm, perform your signature song for them at a historic spot on-campus, or just give them your group's branded apparel and take them out for ice cream. It really doesn't matter, as long as they feel that they are joining something special. I'm sure everyone will have a reached their emotional and physical limits by week's end, so just make it fun.

With these five tips, you can help start your group off on the right foot by not only finding promising new talent but also establish better cohesion organizationally. While it may not guarantee a victory at the 2017 ICCA Finals, you can begin the new year with a win for your group.