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5 Ways To Promote Your Group During The Summer

The end of the school semester is nearly upon us, meaning most university and college a cappella groups are preparing to take a few months off. The much-needed break from weekly rehearsals and monthly gigs can finally commence.
While this is a wonderful time for groups to recharge their musical batteries, it’s important to consider the fans you’ve spent the entire academic year building up.
These fans are often friends and family who may not be in college and who won’t be on Summer break, or college students who will turn to social media as part of their few months of freedom.
So, the question becomes, how can your group continue connecting and engaging with your audience, while individual members are scattered in various locations for the next two to three months? Here are five ideas for what you can do:
Create a blog on your website
I know you’re probably asking yourselves, “we’re a music group, why would anyone want to read a blog about us?” Your fans have already begun the investment process by following you on social media, watching a video of a performance, or buying an album, meaning that you’ve already hooked them. Like any fan of a major music act, the next logical step is to get to know the artist on a personal level.
Have members of your group write a short blog each week (or bi-monthly) detailing summer plans, updates on any summer music activities such as album recordings or the development of new arrangements, or even highlights from the previous school year. Then promote through your social channels.
Upload Past Performance Videos
My college group was notorious for going months before we shared concert videos online. We get it, maybe you’ve just been too busy. But what better time than summer to launch a weekly video campaign? Unless you have a cache of 15-20 videos, why not push out one new video each week to keep your audience coming back for new content.
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
Hands down, it doesn’t get easier than taking pictures. Chances are, it’s already a part of your everyday life. Whether you have everyone send your Social/PR Chair pictures or provide each member with access to your social channels, this is one of the simplest ways of engaging with your fans.
From Instagram to Twitter to Snapchat, pictures can be a daily way of connecting. Whether it’s capturing travel plans of individual members or a snap of a summer reunion, take advantage of this.
Did We Mention Video?
When it comes to video, the ideas are endless. Chances are that some of your members live within driving distance of each other or have already made plans to meetup during the upcoming months. Have them record a short video of them performing a duet or small group number. It’s okay if it comes across as informal as that should be the goal.
Or perhaps some of your talented group members play an instrument. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to cover their favorite song or present original work in a sort of solo environment. Who knows, you may win over some new fans this way.
Get Involved On-Campus
We get it, the last place you want to spend your summer is the same place you just spent every waking moment at for the last eight to nine months. But look at it this way. From orientation programs to campus visits to even volunteer work, the university is still a hotbed of activity during the next few months.
If you have members who have the time and are willing to commit, why not get involved during the summer? It’s the perfect idea for campus outreach. While you’re connecting with prospective students or even campus faculty, pitch your group to them. Who knows, it could result in potential new members or even an upcoming gig for the new school year.
While there are a dozen more ideas for how to stay connected with your fans or potential new ones, these five are just to spark creativity. What’s most important is that you don’t take the summer completely off as this is the time when you’ll have just as many, if not more, interested people looking into your group.