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7Days A Cappella Delivers An Absolute Smash With Cover Of Cash Cash and Abir's "Finest Hour"

7Days A Cappella is generating an electricity that can send shockwaves through your entire core.

The coed a cappella group from the University of Minnesota delivers an intoxicating jam with their new live video performance for "Finest Hour" (opb. Cash Cash ft. Abir) that's chock-full of substance, control and stylish rhythm.

And while many dance/electronic styled songs can be singularly focused on volume, sometimes losing its appeal over the course of an entire track, 7Days' strength lies in the group's ability to maintain energy while showcasing so many exciting vocal feats. 

The group's vocal percussion is incredibly balanced for the song's style, oftentimes adding in little hits and strikes that work well to keep the song engaging.

As for the backing sound, it's full and warm, dishing out active layers of rich vocals that set the song's dance tone. Whether 7Days is serving up fresh harmonies or thrilling swells, it's impossible for listeners not to take notice of the group's skill.
And one element that cannot be ignored is lead singer Carissa Tobalsky whose solo performance is dynamic, full of life and mystifying. Tobalsky knows exactly when to emotionally stun and when to belt her heart out.

It's the type of performance that truly brings in the new year with an emphatic BANG!