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A Cappella Quartet Will Leave You Shook With Amazing Whitney Houston Cover

There's something magical about close harmonies with no backing tracks and delivered by a few voices.

It all portrays an intimate musical experience that solidifies a connection with listeners that's craved by many music lovers.

And in today's feature, we're getting goosebumps that are giving us flashbacks to old-school, street corner singing that's seriously been missing from today's trendy music scene.  

Four members of McGill University's coed vocal group Tonal Ecstasy have joined forces to perform a rousing rendition of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know", and let us say that it is simply spellbinding. The performance opens with a light and graceful solo before abruptly transitioning into beautiful vocal layering that will have you swooning.

The cover is ripe with power, a wonderful display of blended voices and a tantalizing key change that will send smooth R&B vibes through your core and have you reminiscing about the music of Brownstone and EnVogue.

Check out the video below!