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Acasola Wows At LAAF 2017 With This Whitney Houston Megahit

This past weekend, the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival (LAAF) celebrated its 9th year in existence.

The festival is a great event for groups of all levels to sharpen their skills with workshops, attend private masterclasses, and most importantly experience some great showcases.

What has become the highlight of the event, aside from the professional showcase, is the scholastic competition where both K-12 and college groups can compete on the same level. One of the standout moments came in this #WCW-worthy performance by California State University, Northridge's Acasola. The group takes a major risk in performing one of Whitney Houston's claim to fame hits "I Have Nothing," but end up reaping the awards as it pays off.

The opening perfectly captures the heart of the song with such strong emotional conviction. And by the first chorus, you're completely sold on the soloist.