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A.K.A. Crescendo Presents Us With Today's #WCW All The Way From Croatia

There's no corner of the globe where a cappella hasn't made its way to. Well, maybe Antarctica.

One of the greatest feelings to a true a cappella fan is that moment when you discover an amazing new group. It solidifies the thought that in spite of all you think you know, there is still so much more good music to discover, as well as a cappella music stretches further than your own campus.

And the moment we discovered A.K.A. Crescendo from the University of Zadar (in Croatia), we knew we were in love. The group's covers are mainly in Croatian, but they also provide audiences with a healthy dose of English tunes. What's great about this Croatian group is that their delivery of songs has a unique style that's vastly different than Western-based groups here in the U.S. and in a cappella we love diversity such as this.

Not to mention, they have phenomenal female leads, hence our selection of them for our #WCW. In their performance of "FourFiveSeconds" the somewhat simple arrangement is elevated by minor things such as shaping of vowels and warm tones, partly due to their accents.
What also catches my attention is the lower register of the female leads, it so easy on the ears and utterly satisfying.

Be sure to follow this group and show Croatia's only collegiate a cappella group some love!