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All-Night Yahtzee's New Album "Reign" Is A Vocal Powerhouse Full Of Genius And Captivating Offerings

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Florida State University's All-Night Yahtzee have just dropped their brand new album "Reign" and its an absolute work of art.

The college a cappella group's latest album is like fine dining, sophisticated and good to the very last bite. The 10-track album is well-engineered in both its vocal architecture as well as its studio magic, as each song cuts deep leaving a musical footprint that feels so much bigger than college a cappella.

It's safe to say that we're in a vocal renaissance as the lines between scholastic projects and professional albums become blurred with every passing day.

From tracks covering songs by Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa, to more unconventional selections like that of Billie Eilish and Jeremy Zucker, there's no lack of substance or depth. Every moment is filled with the most genius of syllabic offerings, which give a refreshing and nuanced feel to All-Night Yahtzee's captivating sound.
This is only surpassed by the lasting impression each song leaves you with.

Whether it be the power and beauty of "Hurts" which will rock your soul, or the ingenuity and craftiness of "You Should See Me in A (Crown)" with its youthfulness and earthy textures, you will be amazed by "Reign."

Every music aficionado should be rushing to grab themselves a copy of this album!

Track Listing

1. Slip (Intro)
2. Woo
3. Should Have Seen This Through
4. End
5. Hurts
6. She Loves Control / Despacito
7. Never
8. New Rules
9. Talking Body
10. You Should See Me in A (Crown)