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All of the Above Delivers An Enchanting Musical Experience With Cover Of "Past Lives"

With any good song, the true determinant of its lasting impact comes down to the feeling it is able to conjure up inside of the listener. And we're left feeling complete bliss after watching this touching take on Børns' "Past Lives" by All of the Above.

Straight from Drew University comes an a cappella performance that is bound to ensnare you with its feel good vibes and mellow tones. Yes, this can often be the recipe for a stagnant performance that takes you nowhere. But that's not the case in this video.

From the very start of the song, All of the Above hooks you with a heartwarming display of fantastically blended vocals, which are a bit indie, part choral, and utterly satisfying. And at its completion, the vocal group kicks into drive ebbing and flowing emotionally with their gorgeous arrangement.

The entire video will cut right through you with the gentleness of the lead's solo all the way to the energy of the backing group's sound which is ripe with fervor.
Every element contributes beautifully to creating a performance that's completely endearing. 

This is the type of performance that simultaneously calms and enriches the soul!