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Amazin' Blue's New Music Video Of 2017 ICCA Finals Set Showcases World-Class Artistry & Unbelievable Vocal Talent

Blue Line Media Image

Last April, we had the privilege to attend the 2017 ICCA Finals, where we witnessed outstanding performances from each of the competing groups.

One of the most memorable sets of the night came from the University of Michigan's Amazin' Blue. The set was meticulous, thought-provoking and simply memorizing. You can check out the live version here.

Now the group is back with the official music video to their 2017 ICCA Finals Set entitled "Chasing Love." And can we just say that we're experiencing a revolution in competitive a cappella. The simple three song structure of pop opening, ballad and energetic closer can no longer be expected to take groups all the way to the top.
The truly memorable groups are now delivering artistic movements  full of theatrics, emotionally stunning themes, and jaw-dropping vocal deliveries that ignites the spirit of the audience.

And "Chasing Love" prominently features all of this.

Sound and video production are simply stellar. Camera angles are creative, working incredibly well with the varying themes and dynamics of each song. Sound is polished without ever losing the notion that this is all-vocal. Once you move on from this, you begin to focus on the beauty of the arrangement. Oh yeah, the arrangement was penned by an individual group member, Megan Smania.

What's remarkable is Smania's attention to detail with each vocal line and little intricacies in the arrangement which all contribute to making the entire experience a standout performance. It's rare that so many songs work exceptionally well together, but Amazin' Blue has done the impossible. And it's all accomplished with such fluidity and smoothness that it's breathtaking.

Amazin' Blue's award-winning set deserves an immense amount of praise for pushing the boundaries of our genre and this video deserves to be seen by viewers from all over.