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Aquapella Delivers A Dose Of Christmas Magic In Their New Video For "I'll Be Home"

Christmas is nearly here and the sounds of the season are ringing with great abundance.

That's right, with only two days till the big day, there's no shortage of holiday cheer and Aquapella is helping to bring you a bit of the Christmas spirit. The coed a cappella group from the University of Bath recently released a touching rendition of the Christmas classic "I'll Be Home" and it is quite arguably, immaculate.

The performance is full of passion, elegance and tenderness as Aquapella croons their way through the holiday track. The show-stopping number features a sultry baritone solo in Peter Ashby who hits every musical and emotional note with style and substance.

And the group's vocals are spot on, possessing all of the warmth of a lit fireplace on Christmas Eve night. If you were looking for that extra bit of magic to add to your holidays, look no further than this marvelous performance.