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Aquapella Pays Tribute To Prince With Stunning Cover Atop Rockefeller Centre

This past Saturday, ten undeniably talented collegiate a cappella groups gathered at the Beacon Theatre to compete in the ICCA Finals.

Each group was just as incredible and their sound as polished as the next. Throughout the competition, audience members were treated to imaginative arrangements, complex choreography and extraordinary vocals.

One of the moments that captured the audience by surprise resulting in a standing ovation by many came during the set of Aquapella from The University of Bath. The UK Champion got off to a great start to the set that would eventually win them the award of "Outstanding Choreography." But the highlight of their set came with their closing number.

The group performed a fitting tribute to Prince with a passionate, earth moving, pristine rendition of his song "Purple Rain." The arrangement so intricate and the soloist so inspiring that even the stiffest person would be moved.
While we weren't able to get video of that specific moment, earlier that weekend, Aquapella recorded an up close and personal version of the song for a small audience.

Prepare to have your world turned upside down with one of the shining moments of the ICCA Finals.

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