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Belmont Prismatics Blend A Cappella And Gospel For An Unforgettable Cover Of Tori Kelly’s “Soul Anthem (It Is Well)”

I believe the time has finally come to acknowledge the lack of Gospel covers in contemporary a cappella. Well, at least in terms of the collegiate scene.

There are a handful of groups who've committed to the style or whose repertoire is chock full of spiritual selections, including the Voices of Lee (Lee University) and Psalm 100 (UNC-Chapel Hill). But if we're being honest, we could use more. And we know that it's within the vocal abilities of college a cappella groups.

Case in point, Prismatics from Belmont University.

The coed a cappella group has just unleashed a vocal explosion of Gospel goodness with their new cover video for Tori Kelly's "Soul's Anthem (It Is Well)" and it is seriously dishing out Take 6 vibes. That's because the video is relentless in its vocal delivery, delivering oohs and ahhs at every turn.

The cover opens with an immaculate solo from Leah Colon whose voice soothes the soul like a warm hug. Prismatics softly lay down an elegant vocal foundation that allows Colon to majestically lay out her heart through song.
The verse is followed by the group's second soloist Gabriel Greenwood, who not only arranged the entire song, but offers the song a robust baritone solo that grounds the performance in honesty and conviction. The final touch is added by Jack Gardner whose wonderful tenor stylings add a delightful contrast and dynamic to the song's earlier offerings.

Can we just say that we weren't ready for those harmonies dropped on us near the end?

What's truly undeniable is the power that the song invokes, filling the listener with emotions from a truly deep place. It's a spiritual connection that can only be achieved through music of the highest caliber.

And while the soloists are phenomenal, equal praise must be given to the backing singers of Prismatics. The collective sound that supports the lead trio is utterly exhilarating, captivating with tantalizing riffs, an incredible mix of delicate and grand dynamics, and an overall vocal magnitude and force that feels like a large choir.

The clarity and sheer majesticness of this entire video screams brilliance! Let's just hope that more Prismatics' videos and more Gospel music (from the a cappella community) is on the way.