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Belmont Prismatics Conjure Up Deep Feelings With Impressive Cover Of Shoshana Bean's "All To Me"

If anyone ever doubts whether or not music has the power to comfort, direct them to this video.

Yes, we're beside ourselves at the warmth, emotional intensity and sheer flawlessness displayed in this cover of Shoshana Bean's "All To Me" by the Belmont University Prismatics. That may be because the Prismatics are connecting with our souls like no one ever has as they dish out colossal vocal runs, energy, and chills in a jaw-dropping performance that feels way too good to be true.

The group executes methodical dynamics in every refrain of the song to deliver an expressive and stirring a cappella performance that reverberates through your headphones as well as through your very being. The blend of the Prismatics is pristine with each section building upon the previous one till the very last minute in a grand finale that will leave you shook.

And the Prismatics' two leads Jenane McCulloch and Kameron Judd are simply stars. Both singers command every inch of the song through fluid riffing and with their distinct spirit, almost as if they are the only ones in the room.
It's all beautiful and mesmerizing to watch.

This is truly a performance unlike any other.