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BisCaydence Combines Slick Vocals & Infectious Energy In New Cover Video Of "Feel You"

It seems that more and more groups are stepping up their game with the content they're releasing, and this new video by University of Miami's BisCaydence is a clear indicator.

Not only is this cover of Brayton Bowman's "Feel You" by the coed a cappella group HOT, it is also the group's very first live performance video. Yes, you did not misread that! This is BisCaydence's first-ever professionally done video.

It's hard to believe this as the group delivers a superstar sound to Bowman's heavily produced Pop track. BisCaydence seamlessly transfers all of the song's major effects into an all-vocal performance that's warm, slick and exciting. From the dazzling hits and style of the vocal percussion to the group's cohesive and unified sound, there's so much to admire and fall in love with.

Not only that, and to put it bluntly, the group has dropped a cool video! There's no over-the-top element of shaping the performance into an extremely complex, reimagined version of the original.
Don't get us wrong, we are digging this arrangement in every way, but the performance and desire to have fun definitely come first with BisCaydence.

BisCaydence does an exceptional job of keeping the listener and audience engaged, with tasteful choreography and the way they display their enjoyment of being onstage.

And it doesn't hurt that the singing is top-notch! From the vocal breakdown in the latter half of the song, to the exhilarating energy attached to every note, this is a highly dynamic performance. Soloists Michael French and Jess Clavero execute their parts flawlessly as they play off each other extremely well, combining passionate power with smooth vocals. By the song's end, you are left wanting more.

Our hats are off to BisCaydence and the amazing job they have done with this performance!