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Boston Sings 2020 To Be Rescheduled In Light Of Growing Health Concerns

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As more and more countries note and chart the rising impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus), event organizers have begun taking precautions to limit the potential spread of the disease. Prominent organizations have begun to enforce strict guidelines to limit unnecessary gatherings such as limiting locker room access for MLS, MLB, NBA and NHL all the way to postponing major festivals such as Coachella.

And now, we are seeing the ramifications of the spread of this virus reach all the way to the a cappella community.

In an announcement released just today, the Boston Sings (BOSS) festival has declared that the 2020 event scheduled to take place next month will be rescheduled.
Along with a desire to not put the health of attendees at risk, the official notice cites difficulty in securing the necessary spacing required for hosting classes and workshops as reasons for the decision as many local universities have decided to close or transition to online classes.

This not only affects performances and the regularly scheduled competitions, but also has an impact on the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards as they are presented each year at BOSS. No official word has yet been made on how the organization will handle the presenting of these awards, nor a new date for BOSS 2020.

In a post mentioned on the Boston Sings Facebook page, the organization had the following to say regarding the rescheduling of this event:

"It’s devastating for us to think that all the hard work of so many musicians would go unseen, so we want to be clear that we are not looking at this as a cancellation of BOSS 2020. We will be following up with more information regarding rescheduled dates and ticket accommodations as soon as possible."

See below for the official notice:

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