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BYU Noteworthy Display Their Stunning Vocals In Angelic Rendition Of "Over The Rainbow"

In case you've somehow forgotten, BYU's Noteworthy is one of the best vocal groups around.

Yes, we're not speaking in terms of only all-female a cappella, but scholastic, semi-pro, mixed group, however you label it, one of the best! And once again they've proved this with a brand new video from their new project "Noteworthy Live Sessions."

In the new video, which puts the group's range of talent on full display, the college a cappella group delivers an intoxicating rendition of "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz. While there are minor production effects added for clarity and amplification, the ladies truly offer listeners a cappella in its purest form. The performance will leave you in utter disbelief as Noteworthy's angelic voices ring out with a crystal clear tone and pitch perfect accuracy, dancing gracefully on the ears.

The group's arrangement of "Over the Rainbow" is updated for 2019 displaying magnificent arpeggios and exquisite power, contrasting the original greatly.
Not to mention there are beautiful moments from Noteworthy's lead soloist as she exudes charming vocals in some movements and angelic riffs in others.

The live performance is wonderful and uplifting, comforting the soul all the way till the very last note.

Check it out in the video below.