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BYU Vocal Groups Share Message Of Hope & Inspiration With A Cappella Cover Of "When You Believe"

In the midst of turmoil and a constant barrage of depressing news headlines, this video shines as a bright light of hope.

In this nearly five minute long video, the ladies of BYU's Noteworthy offer up a fantastic rendition of "When You Believe" from Dreamwork's The Prince of Egypt. The beautiful message of faith and enduring is sung over a gorgeous video featuring the Utah salt flats.

As stunning as the camera work is, the vocals are what truly stand out. The singing of the a cappella group is absolutely serene and peaceful, full of lush chords and flowing melodies. The pacing of the entire piece also helps in establishing the song's warm and inspiring tone.
And just as the ladies settle into their vocal sweet spot, the BYU Women's Chorus is added to the mix, furthering the entire experience as they elegantly weave in Hebrew lyrics into the song.

The combining of Noteworthy and BYU Women's Chorus into one large musical ensemble is a wonderful pairing that showcases contemporary influences, a magnified delivery of sincere emotions through song and simply stellar vocals from a talented bunch of young women. 

The entire project is divine and exactly what the world needs now.