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BYU Vocal Point Is Inspiring With Their Take On "Go The Distance"

Nothing conjures up memories of childhood quicker than reminiscing about beloved Disney classics.

One of my all-time favorites is Hercules. It is the tale of a demigod named Hercules who is the son of Zeus. Hercules is stripped of his immortality due to Hades and spends the majority of the movie learning what it means to be a true hero. The movie is rather uplifting and inspiring. 

One of the major draws of the movie is its impressive musical score that is packed with a wide variety of outstanding hits. One song in particular that conjures up many emotions that we all can relate to is "Go The Distance." The song has a sincere message of hope. In this amazing cover by BYU's Vocal Point, the group's cover perfectly emulates the original's conviction. The song gets all the more impressive and beautiful with the guest feature of the All-American Boys.

Check out their rendition below.