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BYU Vocal Point Sends Message Of Hope And Inspiration With New Video "Be Thou My Vision"

Holy smokes (and we're going to add an extra emphasis on "holy"), the men of Brigham Young University's Vocal Point are back with another incredibly uplifting performance, and we're overcome with emotion.

In their new video "Be Thou My Vision" the all-male a cappella group will leave you stunned as they share a powerful spiritual message of faith through an absolutely gorgeous vocal delivery. The Christian hymn alone is enough to inspire joy and hope, but in the hands of Vocal Point the song just feels brand new.

The video is full of extraordinary tones and singing, showcasing an incomparable vocal clarity that few videos can even come close to matching. And while your ears are treated to an astounding musical experience, the song touches and soothes the soul, undoubtedly reinvigorating the spirit.

For any who may need their day to be brightened and their worries removed, this is the video for you!