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BYU's Vocal Point Delivers A Majestic Homage To The Lion King With New "Circle Of Life" Music Video

Vocal Point may have just given us their best video to date!

The all-male a cappella group from Brigham Young University have just debuted their brand new music video for "The Circle of Life" from Disney's The Lion King and simply put, it's a vocal masterpiece. While many may be familiar with one of the most popular songs in Disney history, we're willing to bet that you have yet to come across an interpretation quite like this one.

While Vocal Point stays true to many of the original song's concepts such as the African feel and grandiose energy, this new arrangement truly sets itself apart. Instantly, listeners will no doubt forget that the only instrument involved is the human voice with the group's hard-hitting vocal percussion, arresting layering and blend, and versatile vocal sounds which mimic beautiful instrumentation.

Each movement of the song feels intentional and powerful, conjuring up nostalgia in a way that only the original track could. Vocal Point has delivered up a performance that's not only technically sound, but highly inspiring and moving.
You can't help but to feel emotional as you watch.

Arguably the most heartwarming element of the entire experience comes in the form of Vocal Point's leading soloist Yaphet Bustos. His entire presence and energy throughout the song adds a comforting, yet remarkable aspect to the music. Bustos' range and power is immaculate as he gracefully delivers the song's most pivotal moments with ease, all while adding hints of soulful runs.

This is truly a performance for the ages!