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California Golden Overtones Show Off Tight Harmonies In Empowering Rendition Of "National Manthem"

The California Golden Overtones are absolutely winning on this Wednesday!

The UC Berkeley a cappella group recently released an impressive cover of Little Mix's "National Manthem" and let's just we're in love with the performance. For starters, the vocal group accomplishes in 38 seconds what eludes many groups pushing out videos upwards of four minutes.

From the female empowering song selection all the way to the tight and graceful harmonies that smoothly flow out from their voices, the group has the power to captivate you immediately. The California Golden Overtones' blend is so cohesive that you'd swear that there was no way ten voices are present. But they are!

And the group's big note at the very end delivers a massive cliffhanger that will have you screaming "Please Let There Be More!"

Check out our #WCW selection in the video below and then pop on over to their YouTube page for more videos from their Spring Show.