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Check Out This Live Performance Of This Year's CARA Winner For "Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement"

Each year, CASA (Contemporary A Cappella Society) recognizes the best in recorded a cappella music. And we're talking about the best from all around the world. There are no restrictions based on location, scholastic affiliation, or any other classification.

From Best Album all the way to Best Movie/Musical Soundtrack Song, all who deserve to be recognized, are recognized.

In grand fashion at this past weekend's Boston Sings event, the recipients were recognized and awarded these well-earned distinctions. Including this year's winner for Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement. That goes to none other that the University of Maryland's Faux Paz for their beat-heavy, vocal effect driven take on "Where Are U Now" by Skrillex.

See the performance in all of its glory in the below video.

Fast forward to 2:32.