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College Aca Alums Lay Down Some Serious Groove On This Snarky Puppy Cover

Let the record show that graduating from college in no way means the end of your aca career.

We always get a bit excited here at College Aca when we come across a new video showing the endless talent of the collegiate scene. In that same respect, it's an equally worthwhile experience when we stumble across aca alums who are still doing big things in a cappella. 

In this cool jazz fusion cover of Snarky Puppy's "Shofukan," 6 aca alums including India Carney (of The Scattertones), Erin Bentlage (BU Treblemakers), Nathan Heldman (The Socal Vocals), Ben McLain (of Arora), Tracy Robertson (of Pitch Slapped), and Charlie Arthur (of Vocal Over Drive) create an immersive and full sound, full of complex and ear pleasing chords.