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Columbia's Nonsequitur Unveil Dance-Heavy Video For "Why Don't You Love Me"

Sometimes, people can't recognize a good thing that's right in front of them.

Fortunately, we don't have that problem and are quite aware of how amazing Columbia University's Nonsequitur is in their newest video for "Why Don't You Love Me." In this video, the coed a cappella group covers Beyonce's 2008 dance-pop track, which questions why a love interest can't value all that the singer has to offer through the song's lyrics.

Nonsequitur displays every facet of what you'd come to love from a Beyonce-inspired performance. A strong female lead solo, in both selling the story and delivering compelling vocals, a funky retro groove, and an undeniable energy that never wavers.

Nonsequitur also accomplishes a feat that very few college a cappella groups have been able to pull off...successfully including a legitimate dance group to accompany the performance.
The music video features Columbia's very own Raw Elementz, a student-choreographed hip-hop dance crew, which further ups the ante and sells the video.

Oftentimes, including a dance group in an a cappella group has proven to be tricky, as most videos appear awkward as they try and balance skilled dancers with the movements of untrained singers. This is not the case in "Why Don't You Love Me" as Nonsequitur and Raw Elementz exude natural chemistry and a cohesion that makes the video feel whole and modern. The moments between the group's lead singer and the dancers of Raw Elementz are simply exciting to watch and further showoff the confidence of both performing groups.

We're simply in love with this video!