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Columbia's Notes and Keys Blend Pop & Folk In This Heartwarming #MondayMashup

Folk and Pop music sometimes make the best pairing.

In today's Monday Mashup, the two genres fit like a glove as the Notes and Keys of Columbia University skillfully blend the two in their latest video "Bridge Over Troubled Water // Make You Feel My Love." The entire performance is genuine and touching as every good ballad should be, but with an added texture of spiritual intensity.

While both songs are expressed from a deep heartfelt place, both balance each other out by working on two different planes.
"Bridge Over Troubled Water" with its extremely emotive singing and passionate reassurance easily felt from the first lead, and "Make You Feel My Love" with a softer, more elegant touch that's inexplicably calming delivered successfully from the second soloist.

Notes and Keys then demonstrates how they are in a class of their own with the melding of both songs in the video's closing, which is practically tear-inducing.

There are some songs that you can listen to over and over again, but it is not till you come across an interpretation such as this one, where you finally grasp the heart of a song and a true understanding of the lyrics.