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Columbia's Notes and Keys Stylishly Fuse Jazz & Pop Vocals In Ariana Grande Cover

Sometimes the possibilities are just endless with a cappella.

By that, we're referring to how the fusion of genres in typical musical alone can conjure up feelings that will leave you sighing in satisfaction. But when you take those fused elements and apply them to a cappella music, which is arguably, the purest musical form out there, it can leave listeners in a state of complete serenity.

And that's what we're loving about this brand new video by Columbia University's very own Notes and Keys.

In the coed a cappella group's latest live performance video, they masterfully cover Ariana Grande's "Jason's Song (Gave It Away)" and we're in awe of their abilities.
In the four minute long video, the group sings their way to a hit that's chock full of so many tantalizing elements.

The fusion of jazz, soul and pop in their remarkable arrangement alone is worth shouting for, as the performance's feel is cool, ambitious, and in the words of a famous song, "easy like Sunday morning." Yes, the group tackles it all with a vocal ease that allows them to ride the song's beat smoothly and energetically, without making the piece feel rushed.

It's in the jazz parts which really showcases the group's talents, which are near professional level. The fluidness and execution of their jazz chords are phenomenal. It is in these chords that create one rocking groove that makes the performance immensely exciting.

And if this doesn't do it for you, the nearly minute-long scat breakdown will leave your ears feeling blessed.

We'd be remissĀ if we didn't mention the delivery of lead soloist Anagha Havildar. Her airy and graceful tone adds so much substance and a unique take on the Ariana Grande original. It's plenty soulful, while also displaying a level of fun that will have you smiling throughout the song's entirety.

Check out the video below!