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Columbia's SHARP Display Powerful And Poignant Vocals In New Cover Of "We Find Love"

Music is meant to be expressive and emotional, but sometimes it can all be TOO real.

Such is the case with this brand new music video released by Columbia University's all-male vocal group SHARP.

In the group's latest video performance of Daniel Caesar's "We Find Love", the a cappella group tackles an assortment of feelings that do more than just tug at the heartstrings, they're literally gripping onto them for dear life. The collegiate masters of soul and R&B have worked their vocal magic into another video that's ripe with raw emotions and a vocal intensity that's nearly matchless.

The performance is highlighted by a slick and touching solo delivered by Matthew Román whose soulful and smooth tone is absolutely captivating. Román pens a heartbreaking love letter that is expressed beautifully through tasteful runs and his charming baritone vocals. His ability to balance tender vocals in the first half of the song against his power notes in the second half is praiseworthy. 

But the song is truly a team effort as SHARP is able to display a well-rounded and quite phenomenal backing group sound.
Each vocal part is completely in sync with one another, allowing the entire performance to feel wonderfully paced and polished. When it comes to delivering artistic dynamics, the members of SHARP are seasoned vets. The buildups aren't just there to fill out the arrangement, they make a sincere statement that linger on the ears.

The entire performance is a passionate display of resilience and love. Trust us when we say that you'll be hooked!