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Deadline For 2018 ICCA Season & BOCA Compilation Album Drawing Near

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The 2017-2018 is in full swing and there's one key date that all college a cappella groups should be fixated on...October 15th.

Why is this date so critical? Well, this is the deadline for submitting applications for both the 2018 ICCA/ICHSA Season and the BOCA/BOHSA Compilation Album. Here's a quick breakdown of what all of this is for the uninitiated.


Standing for the International of Championship of Collegiate A Cappella and the International Championship of High School A Cappella, this is the cornerstone scholastic competition of the a cappella community. Organized and run by Varsity Vocals, this is a competition series that takes place from January to April as groups take part in a judged, bracketed performance-based contest (Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals) in hopes of being crowned the top a cappella group in the country. Think of it as March Madness but for singers.


Abbreviated for the Best of College A Cappella and Best of High School A Cappella, this is a compilation album that features the best recorded works of both college and high school a cappella groups. Groups interested in being featured submit their best tracks, where a panel of judges selects upwards of 20 songs to be included on the most prolific album series released in the contemporary a cappella community.

The deadline for US and Canadian groups looking to apply for the 2018 ICCA and ICHSA competition season closes on October 15th at 11:59 PM/EST. For International and UK groups who are interested in applying, the deadline is November 15th at 11:59 PM/GMT. The application requires the following:

- A one-time fee of $250 USD
- An audition video that was recorded after August 1, 2017

The link to apply can be found here.

The deadline for groups looking to apply for the 2018 BOCA and BOHSA albums is also October 15th at 11:59/EST. The application fee is $35 USD. The application form and guidelines can be found here.

Get those applications in now.

Preview and purchase the 2017 BOCA album here.

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