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DU Northern Lights Shine Bright In Marvelous New Video For "Closest Thing To Crazy"

The Durham University Northern Lights are back with a brand new music video of Katie Melua's "Closest Thing to Crazy" and never in our wildest dreams could we have fathomed how much we'd fall in love with it.

Part of what makes a cappella music so incredible is its ability to surprise you. Even if the listener is familiar with the title and/or artist of a song, there's no guarantee that the performance will be a replica of the original. In regards to many covers, the feel of the track will align with the artist's original portrayal. Other times, those covering the track look to shape the composition in a brand new way.

Regardless of the road a group or artist decides to take, there is always room to mystify the listener by bringing something fresh to a new interpretation.

And this is exactly what the Northern Lights have done.

In their new video, they have woven an absolute stunner that's filled to the brim with richness, emotion and some truly majestic singing. The track feels like a wonderful Pop lullaby, ripe with gentleness and conviction as each phrase washes over you.
The Northern Lights are delicate and precise with each stanza making sure that a moment lingers long enough to touch the heart. This is done through fantastic pacing and dynamics, which even at their most intense comes across as an intimate moment between band and listener.

The entire experience feels as if you're front row center at a broadway musical as the lead's pivotal scene of self-reflection begins. 

And we'll just go ahead and admit that we're head over heels in love with the vocals displayed by lead Miranda Phillips. Her calming delivery has the ability to melt the stiffest heart as her tender and effortless soprano stylings glide over the entire track.

This has to be the most charming video we've come across all year. 

See for yourself below.