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Duke's Rhythm & Blue Release Affectionate, But Powerful Zara Larrson Cover

With the end of each school year, the realization that change is inevitable once again reels its head. Membership in college a cappella groups fluctuate due primarily to graduation.

But as groups say their goodbyes to members, some who have been involved for four years, it's important to reflect on what has been and all of the shared memories. In the Pop-House cover of Zara Larrson and MNEK's "Never Forget You," Duke University's Rhythm & Blue deliver a touching performance that's big on emotions but even grander on vocals.

There's a connection between the two leads that's electric and simultaneously visceral as the melody reverberates in the soul of the listener due in part to the intensity of the group as a whole. Enjoy this farewell to loved ones moving on to new stages of life.