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"Ease" Back Into Your Week With This Cover By The Veritones

One of the observations that I have come to notice as college a cappella continues to progress is the level of maturity that groups are exhibiting.

On the surface, it's noticeable simply with song choices, but if you dig deeper it also pertains to the complexity of the arrangement. Where it used to be that a handful of groups were putting out the heavy hitting songs, and most others utilized a simple SATB format and basic progressions, more groups are now stepping their game up.

One example is the sweet stylings of the Harvard Veritones in their cover of Troye Sivan's "Ease." There's a breath of fresh air to the lead's voice that's calming as the backing group executes full sounding chords with added timbre that's hypnotic. We hope group's continue this movement of elevating their music like this.