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Elon Sweet Signatures Deliver High-Energy Performance Of "Bust Your Windows" In New Video

If we've learned one thing over the years, it's that you never, EVER, make a woman mad.

In the case of this new video, we're going to amend that statement to "never, EVER, make a group of women mad."

Or else you'll have to deal with the fiery wrath that they're capable of, such as dropping red-hot vocals that will absolutely floor you. These are our exact feelings of this outstanding cover of Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows" by the Sweet Signatures of Elon University.

The Sweet Signatures are out to make a statement with their latest release as they dish out passionate runs and crazy energy in a compelling cover of the 2008 R&B hit.
The track is simply phenomenal as the a cappella group balances and blends vocal intensity with a smooth soulful style in what appears to be effortless fashion.

The contrast in tones of the group's two leads lend a great deal to reinforcing not only the overall level of conviction, but the song's message of what can happen when you wrong someone.

The video is further elevated by the impressive storyboarding, as the group displays an empowering concept of self improvement through the workout motifs. This goes to show that the Sweet Signatures have the ability to not only drop scorching vocals, but can also deliver creative visuals that have the power to hook you for as long as they feel like holding your attention.

Ladies, we applaud you for this killer video!