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Exit 245 Is Slick In This Robin Thicke Cover Whose Song Meaning Needs No Interpretation

One of the great things about being in a college a cappella group is that literally, no song is off-limits for performing...even the provocative ones.

Where most high school groups are defined to certain, minor-age standards and pro groups typically try and create a family-friendly environment, college groups are generally only limited by their own imagination. Whether it's "B**ches Ain't S**t" by Dr. Dre (yes we've seen an aca-cover of this) or "I Just Had Sex" by The Lonely Island...anything goes.

In Robin Thicke's song "When I Get You Alone," which is full of great music, the underlying message isn't hard to guess. In Exit 245's cover of the song, any worries about controversy quickly fade away once the smooth vocals of the soloist come in.