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Exit 245 Rewrites The Script On Mashups With These Jon Bellion Songs

We've said it many times, but it continues to ring true with each new video one does mashups quite like a cappella does.

The unification between band members that is displayed in an all-vocal cover when fusing multiple songs together is a surreal experience that has the power to further connect a listener to this thing we call song. And James Madison University's Exit 245 has given us art that feels right for today.

In the group's mashup of Jon Bellion's "All Time Low" and "Guillotine" the performance is a solid weaving of pop, rock and electronic music. Even as the song's pulse comes clearer into the picture as the song progresses, there is a delicacy maintained by the voices that is crucial for both tracks to exist in the same plane.

This is easily a shining moment for collegiate a cappella in 2017.