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#FeatureFriday: New Album "Hijklmnog" By The G-Men

The G-Men from the University of Michigan are back with a brand new album that's big on imagination, dynamic moments and surprises. And it's a project that you need to check out.

In our newest #FeatureFriday we're highlighting "Hijklmnog" which earns points simply for its catchy title. Seriously, the G-Men have a wonderful way of weaving their brand into their studio albums. Past projects include "G-Manifest Destiny" and "The GP." 

But we digress. 

"Hijklmnog" is a win on so many levels. Initially, the diverse track list is eye-catching right off the bat with everything from alternative to hip-hop being accounted for and spanning a time period from the 1960s all the way up to today.

And these tracks are anything but generic. The arrangements are absolutely remarkable! Each song has been reimagined displaying a fresh take on hit songs like you've never heard before.
The G-Men pull out all the stops incorporating unique rhythms, ambitious studio and vocal effects, and playing with thrilling concepts that bring the music to life in the most delightful and cool way.

Our favorite moment from the album has to be "Ultralight Beam." It's current enough to draw in a modern audience, and artistic enough to bring satisfaction to more hardcore music aficionados. The groove created from the vocal percussionist is so slick and further complimented by the killer rhythmic stylings of the backing group. And the G-Men's delivery of massive chords with vigor and balance is world-class. This is a track that should not be skipped.

This album is a worthy inclusion to the libraries of aca-fans and general music lovers' alike. 

Track Listing

1. Mr. Brightside
2. Ultralight Beam
3. Sunday Morning(s)
4. Super Rich Kids
5. Like Real People Do
6. Sandcastles
7. Colour My World
8. Eleanor Rigby

To listen to "Hijklmnog" on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play or The G-Men's website, go here.