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#FeatureFriday: RadioOctave Serves Up Eclectic Array Of Brilliance With Their 2019 ICCA Set

Each week we strive to bring you the most diverse, creative and magnetic content centered on all things collegiate a cappella. And when it comes to finding performances that check the box on all three, you need not look any further than ICCA performances.

In this new #FeatureFriday, we're turning our attention to the University of Nottingham's very own RadioOctave. The coed a cappella ensemble recently released a new video showcasing their set from this past ICCA season and we're in awe of its absolute uniqueness.

The eleven minute live recording presents an entrancing trio of songs from The 1975, Billie Eilish and Daughter. 

RadioOctave opens the video with a fun and sprightly medley of songs by The 1975 that's simply wonderful throughout. The performance has true charisma as the group joyfully delivers animated vocal lines in a way that's not typically seen in the competition scene.
The group also serves up a delicate yet emotive rendition of Billie Eilish's "Lovely" that strikes with its piercing dynamics. 

The video closes with an alluring cover of Daughter's "Youth" that effortless dishes out indie-folk vibes with its contrasting rhythmic lines, massive builds and gentle solo delivery.

RadioOctave's latest video release shows how eclectic ICCA offerings can be. In this case, the group has delivered one brilliant and mesmerizing set that hits listeners in a very unexpected way.

These are the performances that we surely need more of!