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#FridayFeature: "FOOLS" By The Nor'easters

We're mixing things up a bit for today's #FridayFeature in that we're featuring a recently released single that's been making waves in the a cappella community. Yes, we're talking about "FOOLS" (opb by Troye Sivan) performed by The Nor'easters from Northeastern University.

There are so many incredible things happening in the span of 3:45 seconds that it's nearly impossible to cover them all in one paragraph. But, we'll give it a try. 

The opening of the track has such an ethereal sound that it can easily calm the wildest storm. The Nor'easters technique in simply using their breath as vocal effects speak to how talented they are as musicians. The song then makes a sudden shift with the entrance of the soloist, who delivers a completely heartbreaking and emotionally heavy performance from start to finish.
At times he's soft and other times powerful, but it all feels genuine making the connection between performers and audience feel completely natural.  The arrangement itself weaves between elements of pop, electropop, and RnB, as if the Nor'easters are creating their own unique genre, full of heavy percussion hits accompanied with varying rhythms layered throughout.

We've only scratched the surface of this song, and have no doubt that anyone who listens will fall in love with it.

Listen to FOOLS on Spotify here.

Purchase the single on iTunes here.

Watch as The Nor'easters perform FOOLS live in the video below.