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#FridayFeature: "Horizon" By UPenn Off The Beat

There's so much to love about collegiate a cappella. Undoubtedly though, studio albums are one area that really excites us.

In our new #FridayFeature segment, we'll be highlighting new or recent albums on the college scene that are worth checking out and adding to your collection.

First up, we're highlighting "Horizon" by UPenn's Off The Beat. The album makes an initial impact from the opening track, which is a cool and modern remix of the classic Bill Wither's hit "Ain't No Sunshine." What follows is high-energy, rock and soul-driven tracks that range from mid-tempo alt tracks to hard rock, featuring covers of Drake, Grace Potter, Demi Lovato and many more artists.
This is an album perfect for anything from cruisin' music to jumping around at your next house party.

Read a full review of the album by the team at the Recorded A Cappella Review Board here.

CollegeAca Favorite Track Award: End of an Era

Listen to "Horizon" on Spotify here.

Purchase the album on iTunes here.