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FSU's Reverb Dish Out Dreamy Vocals And Tight Harmonies In Video For "Birds Of A Feather"

Reverb is back with another smash hit that is sure to send electric waves of joy throughout your system.

In the group's newest video, the all-male a cappella group from Florida State University employs one sick groove as they cover Mocky's "Birds of a Feather." While the song is a Mocky original, the group's arrangement is an adaptation in fact of Vulpeck's cover of the indie track.

Let's just say that there are so many infectious and tantalizing musical elements on display that it may make your head explode. Within the first 30 seconds of the video, Reverb creates a tasty neo-soul vibe that will give you chills as they harmonize over complex chords and rhythms. The complex arrangement is so masterfully done that it plays on the ears in the most effortless fashion, allowing the listener to snap and tap their foot along with relative ease.

Once you move on from the early 2000s soulful groove, you're brought to Reverb's incomparable blend which amazingly makes 14 voices sound simply like three.
Backing the group's amazing blend is the most tasteful percussion which adds texture without being overbearing.

And what ultimately elevates the entire experience are the lead vocals of Chase Daftary, Myles Jackson and Hunter McDaniel. The three combine to form quite the superstar neo-soul trio. Their vocals seamlessly soar over the chill but incredible backing sound. Each vocalist has style, substance, range and displays artistry beyond their years.

Each video that Reverb has released as of lately shows the versatility and depth of the group, and shows why the a cappella band is unlike any other collegiate group around.