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Funk & 80s Soul Collide In New Cover Video Of "Running Away" By The UNC Achordants

Sometimes the singing is so good that you just want the melody to keep running on and on in your head for the entire day.

These are our exact sentiments of the newly released cover video of Vulpeck's "Running Away" by the UNC Achordants. The all-male a cappella group will leave you swooning with their '80s-esque stylings as they deliver the track with soul and gusto.

From the jump, the Achordants establish a groove that could be the ideal backing track for any island getaway at sundown. That's because the group's harmonies and vocal blend are as smooth as butter. The college group never pushes the song past what it needs to be, in turn remaining in pocket throughout the entire performance.

And lead soloist Ben Weinberg adds the cherry on top. His voice is the definition of an old soul. It displays charisma, range and just the right amount of ache in his higher register to let you know that the song's message is personal. 

All we can say is, prepare to fall in love with the Achordants.