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Georgetown's Superfood Brings Pop, Soul & Much More To This Halsey Cover

Some pop covers deserve a category all for themselves.

For instance, this cover of Halsey's "Castle" by Georgetown's Superfood has so much going for it that it can hardly be put in a simple genre of pop or even orchestral pop.

The group takes the Halsey original and plunges into the deep end where soul, funk, dubstep, rock and so many other wonderful facets are waiting to engross the listener. And Superfood takes their time to drawing you end, where the meat of the song comes into full effect around the 1:30 mark.

And can we just say how much we love the soloist's voice. Not only does the song draw from various genres, but the lead's voice follows suit, switching between various textures and dynamics. 

The whole performance is so complete and original that we're having a hard time listening to anything else.