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Gestalt's New Video For "Blackout" Is A Display Of Impressive Vocals, Vulnerability And Some Truly Glorious Editing

Holy heck! If we've said it once, we'll say it again. Contemporary a cappella is undergoing a transformation and Gestalt's new video is a shining example of just that.

The coed vocal band from the University of Florida recently dropped a new video performance of Steffany Gretzinger's "Blackout" and it's one giant, hypnotic ball of fancy vocals, ethereal musical movements and some of the most creative editing that we've heard in quite a while.

Every inch of the video screams methodical as the group seamlessly melds Pop and Worship musical stylings to deliver an emotionally captivating work of art that stuns and continues to do so over and over again until the very last note. While the tone of the video appears dark and heavy, Gestalt's arrangement coupled with the song's lyrics work beautifully to showcase a truly uplifting and empowering message.

Perhaps the shining aspect of the entire project is the track's editing. There is a real sense of creativity that's felt all the more by the ingenuity of the studio work.
It all adds another layer to the music, magnifying the vocals past their already powerful and extraordinary state. If we're being honest, we haven't felt the impact of editing and the inclusion of amazing vocal effects such as the ones featured since an ARORA (formerly known as SONOS) project.

But even with the high level of production, nothing should be taken away from the vocal talents of Gestalt, which will completely amaze you. Don't believe us? Just wait for the buildup around the 3:20 mark!

Enough ranting, just watch the video!